Please place a 2nd order, then email us at help@brightbatdesign.com with both order numbers. We will combine your orders and refund shipping overages. We will only combine orders if we have not already sent out the first order, so please let us know ASAP. PLEASE NOTE: Blankets and apparel items ship from our warehouse so we are unable to combine these items with existing orders.

Our apparel is printed and shipped by a warehouse, so you will receive one package from us and one package with any apparel items. You will get tracking numbers for both packages.

Oops! Please email us at help@brightbatdesign.com with your order number and issue. If it is damaged, please include a photo of the item that clearly shows damaged area.

Please email us at help@brightbatdesign.com promptly with your order number and we will cancel your order for you. If the order has already been sent out, you must follow return protocol before getting your order refunded.

We only accept returns and exchanges of items that arrived damaged or were incorrectly filled in your order. WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OF APPAREL, PLUSHIES OR BLANKETS. Please be sure to double check your measurements. We also do not accept returns on any items that do not arrive in time for holidays/events as we make no promises for these time sensitive deliveries.

Please email us at help@brightbatdesign.com promptly with your order number and reason for returning. Once the items have been returned in brand new condition, you will be issued a refund or have your item exchanged. Shipping charges will not be refunded.


Our processing times vary between 2-10 days. We are usually very prompt but are a small team, so processing times can slow down during releases and busy times of the year.

Preorder items all have shipping estimations in the product description. Orders with preorder items and non preorder items will ship when the preorder is ready. Please order separately if you would like non preorder items delivered first.

We are currently not shipping to specific locations for a variety of reasons that have to do with shipping outcomes. Please email us at hello@brightbatdesign.com to request shipping to your area!

Please email us at help@brightbatdesign.com promptly with your order number and we will change the address for you. If the order has already been sent out, we will have to wait until it is returned to us to issue a refund or send it back out after another shipping payment is made.

First, please call or stop in at your local post office to discuss this with them, sometimes they can track it down for you or provide more information. "Marked as Delivered" does not always mean its at your front door, please allow a few extra days for delivery due to USPS slow downs. These issues are not something we can effect. Please email us at help@brightbatdesign.com for specific issues.

We insist on sending your pins in boxes instead of bubble mailers so this can make International shipping pricier than usual. If you are ordering stickers only, please email us at help@brightbatdesign.com to request a custom shipping option for envelope only!

We will not mark any International packages as gifts as it is illegal. Please reach out to your local representatives to change the ways that your specific country handles import tax.


Our stickers are all around 3.5”-4” large. They are printed on high quality glossy vinyl and weatherproof, ready to give your sticker a long life on any surface! They work well on vehicles and water bottles! Hand wash only, they are not dishwasher safe.

What are Standard Grade pins? - These pins are almost perfect! When sorting pins, we check each pin for imperfections and very very small ones will still be considered standards. Enamel pins are handmade items and they cannot be expected to be free of microscopic detail flaws.

What are B Grade pins? - These are pins that have small imperfections! At Bright Bat, we classify these pins as pins with noticeable scratches, dots on paint, missing paint areas, missing enamel areas, paint overspill areas and any other qualities of a pin that we do not wish to sell at full price! We never include flaws that we consider to ruin the pin overall. These pins are perfect for wearing out an about without fear!

Please see each listing for specific size charts.


We currently do not sell or authorize exact, traced or modified graphics of our designs! If you see someone selling or posting our work with their name on it, it is not authorized.

Thanks so much for loving my work enough for it to be tattooed on your body! I was a tattoo artist for 4 years when I was younger and have a lot of respect for the art! I’m fine with my work being tattooed, I just have a few guidelines I’d prefer to be followed!

  • Please consider buying an item of the design that you’re getting or another item from my shop! It supports my art and it means a lot!

  • Send me a picture of it when it’s done! I’d love to see it!

  • Please credit me for the original design when you post it!

  • Please take care of yourself and go to a good artist and a safe shop! A tattoo is forever and you get what you pay for! It’s always better to save up!

Thanks so much again for loving my artwork enough for a permanent place on your body!

Thank you for the interest but I’m currently closed for custom work. I announce on Instagram when I’m open for a few slots!