OOPSIE Mystery Bags


OOPSIE Mystery Bags!

These are small mystery bags that are dramatically discounted due to flaws!
Perfect to add to your packaging or gifts for kids who might not notice :)

Each Oopsie Mystery Bag includes:
-1 -- sticker sheet
-1 -- large 3" sticker
-3 -- 1.25" buttons

♥ Anything in shop possible accept for occult cuties/Christmas
♥ If you buy multiples, I will try not to include doubles

Possible Flaws (examples in photos)
+++Sheets: Discolored/Printing error, one sticker cut on edge, cut too deep(pop out of sheet)
+++3" Stickers: Discolored/Printing error, sized incorrectly, discontinued sticker, cutting a bit off
+++Buttons: Small miscrimping on back, scratched surface, discolored/printing error


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